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The Federation of Wellington Community Primary School & Marlborough Infant School

The Rule of Law

The Rule of Law

At The Federation of Wellington Community Primay School and Marlborough Infant School, we strongly believe that excellent, and the most exemplary of behaviours comes from a deep understanding of the morals and values that underpin our society in Britain. Our core school values are: Respect, Community, Resilience, Determination, Kindness and Ambition.


We work with children through our curriculum teaching, class, key stage, and whole school assemblies and collective worship to ensure that these values underpin everything we do at school. This includes all stakeholders, adults (as role models) in modelling and demonstrating and inspiring our children, but also for our children in understanding how to be the best possible contributing citizens to our society.


Children are well aware of the law and visits from the police allow them to have an awareness of who is there to help us, and who is there to enforce the law. Older children are taught about crime and punishment, reflecting that we all have responsibilities and that with responsibilities can come consequences.


As a Federation, we set the highest expectations for our children and they have full ownership over their behaviours for conduct and learning based on our school values,  which also mirror those in society. Each class has their own class charters based on their needs and on our school values. Our home-school agreements reflect our expectations of all stakeholders, and we enforce the Rights Respects and Responsibilities charter across the Federation.